Friday, August 31, 2007

OTW is on extended leave...

Thanks to some quick help from, I was able to reclaim Outside the Whale from a nasty spam program that had occupied "". The spam program occupied the name shortly after I had removed the blog so I could edit and update the template. Now the spammer blog is gone and I have reclaimed the address.

However, my present research and work demands mean that I will be unable to continue blogging as regularly as I did over the last few years. So for the next while, OTW will be MIA. I do plan to get back to this eventually; I really have enjoyed discussions with readers of this blog, as well as comments from other notable bloggers. I have also appreciated the various links received from other blogs over the years, be it popular blogs like Oxblog or Hitchensweb, or group blogs like the Popinjays.

Hopefully, we can get OTW back up in the not so distant future. So check back, and don't write us off just yet!

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